Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Second Opinion - Deep Pockets

Last year Brian Urlacher felt so strongly that the Bears needed to have Lance Briggs that he decided to restructure his own contract so that the Bears would have enough money to sign Briggs to a long term deal. They did. Now, as the summer rolls around, I have to hear about how Brian Urlacher, the guy who threw some cash back at his team (completely unprovoked, mind you) so they could resign other guys, is complaining that he makes too little money for what he does and wants more years added to his contract. Now, I considered myself a jock at some point, so I tend to shy away from the stereotype that athletes are meatheads. It's just not true. Then guys like Urlacher and Briggs make it harder for me to defend that arguement. Brian, since I'm sure you're a regular at firereggiedunlap, I'll address this specifically to you:

What has changed (other than your deteriorating back condition) that helped you realize that you needed to make more money and suit up for two more years when it seemed that a mere five months ago you felt so secure in your contract that you returned money to the organization as a gift?
Oh, Lance, don't think you're getting off the hook that easy. Just a couple of things worth mentioning:

1)Urlacher gave away money to the Bears, money he desperately needed apparently, for the sole purpose of allowing them to sign you. Big smile, right?

2)You have spoken to numerous media outlets about how you support the fight that your teammate, Urlacher, is going through with his contract impasse.

Do you support Urlacher enough to do for him what he did on your behalf? Or is this one of those "Ah, well... ahem, I support him as long as, er, I don't have to make any sort of personal sacrifice" situations?

Of course, this kind of stuff is indicative of what happens when you give large sums of money to meatheads.

I am against the instillation of instant replay for Major League Baseball. If the umps had indisputable evidence on a given play, then what would hot headed managers have to dispute? Unless you can program the instant replay machine to kick dirt all over the ump until he meakes his decision, I don't see replay as a feasible or enjoyable option.

Terrible crimes in history: 1) Nicole Brown being stabbed to death and OJ subsequently being found not guilty. 2) The Holocaust. 3) Me working at my ice rink from 9pm to close tomorrow and missing (until I watch the tape later) the season finale of Lost.

Note to all you pill poppers out there- read the box. Specifically the part about adult doses. Both yesterday and today I have been popping two Claritin in my mouth every four hours. That was until I read the box and it said that I shouldn't exceed one pill a day. Reason #326 for why I will be dead by the time I'm 30. Although, as they say, "It's better to burn out- then fade away." I want everyone to know that when I die, I want this blog to be what I am remembered by.

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Anonymous said...

I swear to god I had the same problem with clariton earlier this week. I was taking one every 6 horus until I noticed a "24" on the cover and decided to read the back. I would sign into my name but i'm at work and not allowed currently

-D. Browne