Thursday, May 1, 2008

H.G. Bissinger is f'ing clownshoes

So much has been said about Buzz Bissinger's tirade against sports blogs the last few days that I'm not going to pile on. Regardless though, I would be remiss not to comment.  Bissinger's points are fair, but remarkably out of touch.  Mr. Bissinger is a dinosaur, and while dinosaurs ruled the earth for thousand of years, they eventually went extinct. (I have a christian friend who says dinosaurs never existed, but he is a crazy bastard.)  Only time will tell what will happen to print journalists and how they will be interpreted in the future.  

The biggest thing that stands out to me is how much Bissinger, and Costas to an extent, fails to be progressive in this view of new media.  Blogs create fast news that is accessible to everyone.  That is the beauty of new media; everyone has a voice.  We are no longer subject to the same tired few points and played out stories.  The lack of regulation amongst the internet community is somewhat worrisome, but there does exist some sort of pseudo-policing on the web.  As Will Leich said it's hard work get readership in a blog and even harder to earn any legitimacy.  

From the athletes point of view, they argue that they no longer have any privacy because of the internet and to that I say- tough shit.  Our generation has grown up with the internet, and an unfortunate side effect of that is embarrassing pictures being posted on it.  Older people can not understand this because of their lack of understanding the world wide web.  I sometimes laugh thinking about future presidential campaigns and how a picture on facebook from 20 years prior will have an impact.  Trust me there are plenty of embarrassing things involving myself, and when you combine those with my radical views on pornography, I'm not getting elected to public office anytime soon.  Photos of athletes drunk also help to humanize these guys and that's not such a bad thing.  Anyways, this post was a little more serious than I had originally intended so to lighten it up I'll provide some embarrassing pictures of the authors of this blog that are floating around the internet.  


Dr. Gerald Porter said...

Haha, I knew that photo was going to bite me on my hairy ass. Anyway, something interesting that think relates to this post. During one of my writing classes at OSU, we took some time to listen to a film critic (New York Times, if I remember correctly) who was visiting campus. Among the questions asked was how he felt the internet (blogs) affected the market for film critics. He brushed it off, mentioning that bloggers write for free and if they ever had a chance at a gig with a newspaper, which pays, that they wouldn't stick up their noses for the sake of their blog. I think this is true. To use a sports analogy, blogs are like intramurals, where everyone can play and the rules are less stringent. Articles from more conventional places like magazines and newspapers are like NCAA sports because everyone wishes they were part of the select group of individuals who get the opportunity to participate. So, I guess, speaking to your question about where print journalists will be in the future, I think they will always have a place in entertainment discussion.

Rev. Woodrow Morris said...

I am 100% not embarrassed by my particular picture. In fact, I'm more proud of it than anything.

Bernard Washington III said...

Man, I forgot how awesome the Mark Price shrine was.