Thursday, May 8, 2008

Dress for Success

The other day I decided that I should probably purchase some Pistons gear for this year's playoff run, since I'm stuck in central Ohio with none.  Logging onto the internet to check some stuff out I remember how truly atrocious some team merchandise is.  I've reached the point in my life where as a college graduate I can no longer wear a jersey, but the very idea of supporting my teams through my wardrobe is pretty out there.  Isn't the idea of like a 40-year-old man stretching a t-shirt displaying a silk-screened image of Lebron James over his beer guy unintentionally sad?  But we love our teams, we love our players and we love our sports so these are the sacrifices we make. 

Anyways, after searching for Pistons stuff and seeing how stupid some of it was and I took a look at some other team's shops.  Here is some of the better stuff I found. (and btw these are all available to purchase from the team's main store- it's not like I was searching ebay from some obscure t-shirt of my youth, but you can do that if you want)  

The Aaron Affalo Shirt.I seriously considered buying this. Good to know that if you can average 12.9 minutes a game and 3 points in the NBA, you can be immortalized on a shirt. I swear to god this was made for dudes and not little kids.

Jeremy Roenick is back. Well kind of, but he sucked and then left again so there is really no reason to own or sell this shirt

Miami Dolphins Draft Shirt. This is why the NFL draft is stupid. It's a great day for transition junkies like myself, but there is no reason to celebrate the fact your team was the worst in the league. The "believe in now" tagline isn't even that bad if the actual draft logo wasn't there. I guess maybe Dolphins fans just want to remember the moment their franchise was #1.

Edgar Renteria Red Sox Shirt. I guess when the Red Sox traded Edgar away two seasons ago, he took his sleeves with him.

Lions Dad Shirt. John Kitna I think know what you should get your dad for fathers day. My guess is that Roy Williams' and Shaun Rodgers' dads aren't rocking these in the stands or around town and in reality they are the only ones who should be wearing these. Just because you are a dude who likes the Lions and may have actually fathered a child does not make you a "Lions Dad". You'd just be a douche-bag for wearing this shirt and should reconsider your priorities to your family. I could actually see shithead wives buying this shirt for their husbands as a gift which would be pathetic as well, and if my future wife pulled shit like that we'd probably end up divorced. I'm not kidding either.

Baron Davis For MVP. I like this shirt, I really do. However, a point guard who shoots too much and can't lead his team to the playoffs probably doesn't deserve the MVP. Maybe they're talking about Warriors' MVP, I can maybe buy that.

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