Monday, May 5, 2008

Montage Monday Vol. II

We're going to veer off the norm in this week's edition of Montage Monday&trade. The first is kind of a sport, but not really. It does however involve one of the greatest american folk hero's of all-time.....Andre The Giant. There are some athletes that I truly wish I saw in their prime. Examples of this would be like Gordie Howe, Bill Bradley and Larry Bird, where stories and pictures can only do so much. Hearing and reading people talk about these guys actually makes me sad I never got to see it with my own eyes. I feel the same way about Andre the Giant. Much like Bird, I have a vague memory of seeing Andre, but by the time I did he was on the downside of his career and I was much too young to fully appreciate his talents. Honestly, I think I would include Andre in a top ten list of people I wish I could have a beer with, though if he lived up to his legend I would most certainly die of alcohol poisoning.

The second clip has nothing to do with sports at all....unless you count Kevin Arnold's green Jets jacket. The Wonder Years is great television, and that's become oh so rare these days. It's maddening to me at how bad television has gotten these days and the general lack of plot or storyline in any network show. The Sopranos, The Wire and even in early stages The Real World were ground breaking TV, but they larger than life. Shows like The Wonder Years don't exist anymore and it's a shame. Now I do have an irrational love of the show and can not properly communicate my love of it, but it deserves the credit. I'll even admit it can be a little corny at times, but it was amazingly genuine and reflected its themes perfectly. So not to get too mushy, but enjoy the clips.

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