Monday, May 12, 2008

Montage Monday Vol. III

Trying to get in a quick update to this week's Montage Monday. Neither clip this week is excellent but both are entertaining. The First one is about Isiah Thomas and how fucking sweet of a basketball player he was. I sometimes think it is lost on people how actually great he was as a player because they just remember how shitty he is an a businessman. In his prime though he was the definition of a point guard. He was Chris Paul 15 years before Chris Paul if that helps you understand. He was tough as nails and led his teams to championships, what more could you ask. Those Detroit teams were revolutionary in the basketball world, and I'm sure I could write a hell of a lot more about them so I won't. The point is Zeke was great, he defined his team and his city and it's absolute bullshit he wasn't on the Dream Team. Michael Jordan can suck my dick about that.

The second clip is a ESPN blooper clip that I'm pretty sure everyone has seen, but it's entertaining and comical and reminds me of the glory days of SportsCenter.

Enjoy and God Bless.

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Rev. Woodrow Morris said...

Detroit Browne is maybe the 50th best heavyweight...In Georgia.