Friday, July 4, 2008

Rising from the fire

Fuck this garbage- the doctor may have been on vacation but he's not about ot let this blog go under. It's time for some prescription rambling delivered by none other than Dr. Gerald Porter. (ROLLING UP SLEEVES.)

Billy Joel may be one of the most underrated artists of all time. First of all, piano playing is underrated by most crowds even though in olden times piano playing was held in the same regard as being in a boy band- women loved it and it was very popular. It was like being a rock star.

Translate that to today- who is the biggest piano playing rock star? The arguement already narrows down to two people in my mind- Elton John and Billy Joel. Now, Elton John is possibly the best piano player of our era, but his legacy is tainted because he is stuck on the piano. Whenever we see Elton John, he will bo sitting at a bemch playing. Billy joel suffers from no such boundaries. I will refer to the video for the song "You may be right" to prove that Billy Joel is the rock star piano player that the world has been waiting for since beethoven. He can sing, dance and crash into walls without skewing his reputation. He's the Babe Ruth of music.

If I were Aaron Rodgers and Brett farve returned to the Packers, I would demand a trade- immediately.

If you don't agree that "Lost" is the best drama on television right now, possibly ever, then you need to get your head examined, cunt-face. Yeah, I said cunt-face.

The Incredible Hulk movie was just as I expected- totally underrated. It had everything a Hulk movie should have and it was the most enjoyable theater experience I've had other than "Iron Man". The Hulk looked mean. "Iron Man" is the movie that made me want to be a millionaire but "The Incredible Hulk" made me want to be the strongest one there is. I started working out after I saw it. I'm serious.

I can't wait for "The Dark Knight"

If the Blackhawks don't win Lord Stanley's Cup in the next three years, I will kill myself. That's a promise.

Happy 4th to all of Reggiedunlap/ Let's keep the tine.

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Rev. Woodrow Morris said...

3 years? Sorry that you are going to have to kill yourself.