Sunday, June 15, 2008

Montage Monday VII

After skipping a week Montage Monday is back, and I have to say I'm pretty happy with both of this weeks selections.  

This first one doesn't have a ton to do with sports, but it's very current. It's a Tim Russert clip and with with his death and this being fathers day, it's honestly one of the saddest things I've watched. Not that I had any personal connection to Russert, but he seemed like a good guy and I'll admit to being a little bummed about his death. We're also rocking a bit of a fathers day theme this week. This video is really well done, I highly suggest watching the entire thing.

Before I get to the second clip I want to comment on the US Open and it ties in nicely with the clip. It is without a doubt my favorite sunday in golf and probably a top 5 sporting event day for me. While the 18-hole playoff system is pretty cool and unique, I'll admit it takes a little of the event. Tiger Woods is probably the greatest golfer of all-time, a fact I will contest but ultimately concede. However, I will be rooting against him as much as possible tomorrow. Having somehow been in a position to meet a large number of professional golfers, I can attest to Rocco being one of the nicest and most personable I have come in contact with.

As for the video, it's a Nike clip from two years ago, right after Earl Woods had died. It's probably the best commercial of all time in my opinion and I'm not sure it's even selling anything. Enjoy.  

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