Wednesday, July 9, 2008

FRD's Entirely Too Early College Football Preview: PAC 10

This Maniac is the best defensive player in the conference

Before I get started a little notice here that I will be out of town for the rest of the weekend, thus unable to post most likely. Not that anyone gives a shit, but I made a promise to post here all week and like most promises I make in my life, I'm going to break it.

Alright, a little explanation here. As I devour as much information as I can about the upcoming college football season I tend to make predictions and such. This typically includes me creating a top 25, heisman list, conference breakdowns, and all-conference teams. Included in this cycle I typically go through every division 1A team and predict their final record. I've been doing this for about 5 years now, but it rarely is viewed by any outside eyes. This year you are in luck.

I'll be posting all of this on FRD and updating it regularly. Usually I start this process around Aug. 1, but with nothing to do these days and law school kicking off in mid-Aug, I'm going to start a little early this year. In order to make the process a little more manageable, I'll be breaking down the conferences one at a time- leading up to a pre-season top 25 and Heisman list. Today will be the Pac 10- Enjoy.

Last year people said the Pac 10 was perhaps the 2nd best conference in football (I didn't agree) so this year it takes a step backwards.  It's the same story as usual- USC then everybody else.  I look for ASU, UCLA and Cal to battle for runner-up.  

***Lots can happen before the start of the season so these are very rough***
Team Projections- predicted record- short preview

USC- 11-1-  They're good, we know that.  They probably have more talent than anyone else in the country and they have a certain aura around them that suggests they are the premier program in the country.  Obviously a huge game looms with OSU on sept. 13th.  Sadly, I think they're the slight favorite to win that game.  I'm not sold they're the best team in the country though.  You're looking at a o-line replacing 4 starters, and until one of the running backs begins to stand out they could have issues.  
ASU- 9-3-  Nothing spectacular coming back but a solid mix.  Dennis Erickson's team always find ways to win enough games.  
UCLA- 7-5- One of the teams I'm most interested to see this season.  Rick Neuheisel is back in the college game where he belongs and he brings with him Norm Chow.  There is some talent here so they have the potential to be better than expected.  Tough injuries in spring ball set them back
Oregon- 7-5 I think Mike Belloti is a joke and we all saw what happened when Dixon went down last year.  They simply lost too much. 
Cal- 7-5- Talent is down from past seasons.  Kevin Riley will get his chance at QB but last I saw of him he was totally fucking up so good luck with that.
Arizona-6-6- Can Stoops finally turn it around?  They have some interested playmakers on O but that defense loses a ton.  
Washington- 4-8-  I'm a huge Jake Locker fan, but that schedule is tough.  Ty might have to win some more games to save his job.  
Oregon State- 4-8- It's hard to judge this team because they rely so heavily on Juco players but I think they are taking a step back this year. 
Washington State- 4-8- Mike Price and Bill Doba somehow won here- I don't know how.  New era starts in Pullman.  
Stanford-3-9- I like Harbaugh and I think he'll win here, it's just not going to happen this year.  Next year they should compete for a bowl.  

All PAC 10 Team
QB-Rudy Carpenter DE- Everson Griffen
RB-Joe McKnight DT- Fili Moala
RB-Keegan Herring DT-Brigham Harwell
WR Vidal Hazelton DE- Kyle Moore
WR Sammie Stroughter LB- Ray Maualuga
TE-Ron Growkowski LB- Brian Cushing
OL- Jeff Byers LB- Zack Follett
OL-Alex Mack CB- Brandon Hughes
OL-Paul Fanaika CB- Alterraun Verner
OL-Fenuki Tupou S- Taylor Mays
OL-Andy Levitre S- Kevin Ellison

Top Newcomers
  1. Kavarrio Middleton
  2. Andrew Luck
  3. Audre Dean
  4. Rahim Moore
  5. Blake Ayles


Coach Pops Chambers said...

How could you say that USC is in trouble if no running back shows up then have Joe McKnight on your preseason all Pac-10?

The Ambassador: Detroit Browne said...

Coach, I said this for a couple of reasons.
1) he'll get a lot of touches in places other than running back (Returns, catches, etc) and since I didn't include them on my team I just left him at running back. and
2) I'm not sure he's going to be able to handle 20+ carries a game and help them eat up time and move the chains in that role. You know like helping them close out games. But I'm sure there running game will be alright, I have them at 11-1.

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