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16 Questions and Answers about College Football.

A minor housekeeping note here before the post.  I've been doing some work on the format of the blog the last fews days (mostly minor stuff like the links on the side) but it's mostly a trial and error process or at least something to pay attention to over the next week.  

Recently College Football news ran a segment expert round table discussion, featuring some of the so-called top experts in the college football landscape.  You can read their answers to the 16 questions posed here.  To totally and complete rip them off I will provide my own answers to the questions here at FRD because as we all know I'm probably like the foremost college football expert in the country (or at least a highly thought of young mind.) The questions are in bold my answers are not incase you couldn't figure it out.  

What aspect of college football should you care about, but really don't?
If I actually took the time to think about this one for awhile I might be able to think of a couple of things, but the answer off the top of my head is steroids.  Same is the case in all sports, I just don't really care about them.  I hope there is testing in place to pick these guys out, and I certainly think there is some moral aspect to the issue, but in reality it's just something I don't want to spend a lot of time thinking about.  

Should a two-loss LSU team have won the national title?
In the system we have in place they won it fair and square.  Everyone plays by the same rules and knew that going in.  Also, I had them at #1 to start the year last year and thought they really were the best team.  

How should college football be more like the NFL?
It's shouldn't in anyway.  The uniqueness is what makes it so special.  There is a reason I don't watch the NFL.  

Your college football guilty pleasure?
Recruiting- I'm way too into it. It might be the number one guilty pleasure in my life period.  I do see the creepiness of it, especially now that I'm much older than the recruits.  

How did you get into college football?
I grew up in it.  Saturdays in the fall are meant for college football.  My family has had the same season tickets since before I was born and growing up in the midwest I couldn't possibly ignore it.  I literally think I can remember every game I've been to in some way or another.  

How/why is the BCS better than a playoff?
Now I'm a traditionalist and respect the bowl games, but even I in the current format would favor a playoff.  The problem is I have yet to see a playoff system that would address the problems of the BCS any better than the bowl system does.  Making the regular season important and keeping the season shorter are also ways it's better than a playoff.

I'm not buying into.....?
The plus-one game argument.  People claim it's the logical compromise between a playoff and the BCS, but it's a bag of worms I want nothing to do with.  If a team completes the regular season and bowl game as the lone undefeated and then loses to a 1 or 2 loss team in the plus one- I'm not buying into that.  Also include mid-majors in this- I'm not buying into them either.  Yes the 85 scholarship limit has created more parity but the six major conferences are still much better.  

Just how bad is the Big Ten?
Easy answer is not that bad.  Sure I'm slightly biased in this one but the balance in power in college football moves in cycles.  The speed argument is absolute shit and ignorant at that.  The only thing which might hurt the big ten is their increased academic standards over other conferences, although that's been falling recently.  For those of you who don't know the Big Ten created their own standards for academics for kids to qualify on top of those of the NCAA- which makes it more difficult to qualify a kid in the Big Ten than say the SEC.  In the end though the Big Ten will be back, it had a bad year last year, but should be improved this year and eventually will be back on top.  

Do you have any problem with Tim Tebow winning two Heismans?
If he earns them, then no.  But I will be a little sad that Archie won't be the only one anymore.

Give the 2010 rankings for: Florida State, Miami, Notre Dame, Michigan and Nebraska?
Tough question but I would probably go in order Notre Dame 10-15 in the country, Michigan 15-25, Miami 20-25 if they get their attitude together, Florida State and Nebraska just outside the top 25.

How much do you care about non-BCS teams?
Truthfully, not that much.  I'm of the belief that they simply aren't as good no matter what people say.  Sure 1-3 of them might be able to play with the big boys every year and the product is much improved over 10 years ago, but there is a reason why the same teams have been winning titles for the last 50+ years.  I'd still rather watch a match-up of MAC bottom dwellers than an NFL game any day.  

When should players be eligible for the draft?
I'm not sure I care, I think they rule they have now is pretty good.  Yes I can see the argument about being able to go whenever they think they are ready and someone is willing to pay them, but if it's not broke, don't fix it.  

The next really big super power will be ?
China....still reading this?  Seriously though I'd say Alabama because I'd argue they haven't been a super power in 10 years.  If you don't accept that and are thinking more long term I'd say Florida.  

Best and worst interview you've done?
This doesn't really apply so we're skipping ahead.....

5 favorite players, 5 best players you've seen in person and 5 favorite games?
Great question I'll start with favorite players even though some of these guys were around before I was around.
  1. Chris Speilman
  2. Anthony Gonzalez 
  3. AJ Hawk
  4. Derrick Alexander
  5. Jay Reimersma

5 best players I've seen...thinking about this I realized I have seen 9 Heisman winners in my 23 years on this planet.  
  1. Charles Woodson- you knew he was getting the ball and teams couldn't stop him
  2. Vince Young- It seemed so easy for him, that he was barely trying but was still so good.
  3. Troy Smith- Only his 2006 season prior to that I was skeptical, but he had the most growth of any player I've seen
  4. Donovan McNabb- Overwhelming talent.
  5. Derrick Alexander- loved watching this guy play WR, seems to always be making highlight real catches, but then again I was like 6 or 7 years old.
     Krenzel barely missed making my 5 favorite players.  I sometimes forget how good OSU was in 2003
5 favorite games... I'm going to break this down into two lists (5 favorite I've seen in person and 5 best games I've seen overall.)  The first one will be the one's I've seen in person
  1. Michigan-OSU 2006- My senior year of college.  The absolute perfect setup for my senior year of college.  Ended great for me, but the bowl just didn't turn out so well
  2. Michigan- Colorado 1993- The hail mary game.  When everyone stood up on the final play my view got blocked and didn't actually see Westbrook catch it.  
  3. Michigan- Alabama 2000 Orange Bowl- First overtime game I saw and great game overall, with ending that didn't do it service.  My first run in with Alabama fans and their unrealistic expectations.  
  4. OSU-Texas 2005- Although the ending was not very kind to me and I had a much better time the year after in Austin, I'll give the nod that the one in columbus was a better game.
  5. Michigan-OSU 2003- 100th game in the series with two really good teams that year.  OSU was a lot closer to pulling this one out than most people remember. 
Five best games
  1. OSU-Miami 2003 Fiesta Bowl- Still in my mind the greatest national title game.  Something like 85 players from the combined rosters played in the NFL later.  
  2.  Michigan-OSU 2006- Making both of my lists. 
  3. USC-ND 2005- Too bad I have both teams.  
  4. Florida State-Virginia 1995- FSU's first ACC lost on a thursday night game.  Warrick Dunn comes up just short on a direct snap at the end.  
  5. USC-Texas Rose Bowl 2006. - I'm not really a huge fan of this game because I don't think this USC team was as good as everyone thinks.  They were also playing their worst football at the end of the regular season and should have lost to Fresno State.  Vince Young's performance though was totally dominating and it had a great 4th quarter.  

The one guy you want coaching your team?
Tough question.  If I had to pick a guy to build a program I go with Tressel.  If I needed a guy to win one game I think I go with Urban Meyer, but his bowl game last year makes me wonder.  

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