Monday, July 7, 2008

You Can't Go Home Again

Alright before I get to the heart of this post I figured I would mention a couple of things. 1) Yeah there hasn't been a lot of new material here recently, but that's going to change. Expect a new post everyone day this week from Detroit Browne. 2) I'm not promising they will be good, I'm going to throw some things up just to get the ball rolling they might be hit or miss, but hopefully will encourage some more action around here....

Anyways, my hometown of Grand Blanc, Michigan was in the news recently as it tends to be when it hosts the Buick Open. The Open, as locals call it, is a mid-tier PGA tournament as it has been for the past 50 years. When the tour started up the FedEx Cup the Open was moved from late August to late June, and has pretty much hit the shits. I'm sure the rest of the tour is struggling without Tiger, but the Buick seriously needs him.

The tournament has always had a blue-collar reputation on tour as sort of a party tournament. If you need some background info refer to the wikipedia entry. So while it's never been Augusta, it has still held some class, it's a god-damn golf tournament, it has tumbled downhill the past two years.

As a Grand Blanc-er (I'm not sure this is the right word), this tournament is near and dear to my heart. For us locals the tournament marked the highlight of the summer, especially for the younger crowd. For a city that consists of basically housing subdivisions and golf courses we relish the beer tents and commerce that the tournament has brought with it. If I had time I could tell a million stories, some of my most entertaining, about the years I've been there.

But like I've said the tournament has headed downhill recently. I give you exhibit A....

Yes that is Kid Rock and John Daly playing the pro-am on Wednesday. I'm guessing this picture if from the front side, because at some point on the back 9 Rock decided to ditch the shirt under his overalls. I didn't make it home in time for the pro-am this year so I missed this spectacle in person, but by all reports Rock spent more time slamming beers, shots of jager , and signing autographs than he did playing golf. You may notice that tallboy of Bud heavy he is drinking in that photo, later in the round Big John decided to hit one of his tee shots of the empty and good times were had by all white trash in attendance. If you find yourself asking, "where the hell did he get a tallboy of bud?" let me explain. This year the tournament decided to ditch $5 cups of beer that have been a tradition and sell 24 oz. cans of Bud and Bud Light for $8. I even purchased one myself from a roaming beer salesmen (like the kind they have at baseball games, I'm not kidding) on Sunday near 17 green.

It's not that I hate this stuff at the tournament, I agree it's kind of fun and in the true spirit of the Buick. But c'mon would you want this guy running around your course...

The tournament didn't get all bad pub. Some guy from the golf channel says it's the second best stop on tour. Unfortunately, he also refers to it being in Flint, which Grand Blanc is not- not a very nice comparison there. BTW, I've visited all the places he mentions in the acticle and have to say his experiences are a little different than mine. Who knows, maybe PGA golfers like grinding on 30 something white trash- which is all that happens at maxie's.

With all that out of the way, check out the site below and watch some of the videos. They are some of the funniest things I've seen recently and have nothing to do with sports. I'll give you the warning that the ducktales and Cheers ones might not be safe for work, but are easily my favorites. Alf is definitely NSFW so beware.

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