Wednesday, July 16, 2008

FRD's Entirely Too Early College Football Preview: Big East

Tony Soprano sucked Greg Schiano back in just when he thought he was out.

FRD's own Rev. Woodrow Morris has predicted Brian Brohm will win the heisman for the last 3 years, so perhaps this will finally be the year.  

In reality the Big East might be better top to bottom than it has been in the past couple of years, but it lacks an elite team. Realistically WVU, USF, Pitt, Cincinnati, and Rutgers could all compete for the title.  

Team Projections-
USF- 9-3-  Should be an exciting defense coming back, but the offense is overrated.  My pick for best team in the league.  Probably the best chance of any conference team to run the table.  
West Virginia-8-4 - Lots of speed is back and they can probably beat anyone, but I think they could struggle. I hear horror stories about how bad of Coach Bill Stewert is so that should be interesting.  
Cincinnati-9-3- Brian Kelly has done a nice job here mixing in his system with what Coach Dantonio left him.  Demetrius Jones might be the perfect guy to run the offense.  One of the major up and coming programs. 
Pitt- 8-4-  Put up or shut up time for this program.  There is enough talent there, although some of it is young, to make a run at things.
Rutgers-7-5- How big of loss is Ray Rice?  If they can find a replacement for him they might be able to challenge for the title.  
UConn-5-7- I had this team listed at 6-6 but that seems too generous.  I don't know how this team had success last year, the one time I saw them they were god awful.  Back to reality for the Huskies.  
Louisville- 5-7-  They were the most lost team in the country on defense last year.  However, a year ago I was being told Hunter Cantwell was the 2nd best QB prospect in the country and now he gets his chance to start.  
Syracuse-3-9- I think 3 wins might actually shock me.  Time to fire Greg Robinson.  

All-Big East Team:

QB- Pat White, WVU DE- George Selvie, USF
RB- LeSean Mccoy, Pitt DT- Terrill Byrd, UC
RB- Noel Devine, WVU DT- Aaron Harris, USF
WR- Derek Kinder, Pitt DE- Jamaal Westerman, Rutgers
WR- Kenny Britt, Rutgers LB- Scott Mckillop, Pitt
TE- Nate Byhan, Pitt LB- Reed Williams, WVU
OL- Mike Dent, WVU LB- Manny Abreu, Rutgers
OL- Jake Finger, WVU CB- Mike Mickens, UC
OL- Ryan Schimdt, USF CB- Aaron Berry, Pitt
OL-Anthony Davis, Rutgers S- Nate Allen, USF
OL- Ryan Stanchek, WVU S- Courtney Greene, Rutgers

Top Newcomers:
  1. Jon Baldwin-WR- Pitt
  2. Isiah Pead-RB-UC
  3. Shane Hale- LB- Pitt
  4. DJ Woods- WR- UC
  5. Cam Saddler- WR-Pitt

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Rev. Woodrow Morris said...

I only predicted him to win it twice, dick.

He will win Super Bowl MVP this year though.