Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Round 2: More Proof I Have No Idea What I'm Talking About

Before I get to round 2 predictions for the NHL, I'll cover a few random thoughts from round 1:
  • The Sharks are soft.  There is no doubting this now, they'll need significant changes before they can challenge for a cup
  • I don't put it all on Thorton, he's has every tool you could ever want in a hockey player but he's not going to be the guy, he needs someone to defer to.  
  • Jeremy Roenick= HUGE FUCKING LOSER
  • Columbus needs a top pair defense and a legit center before they are ready for prime time.  
  • Most overrated player in the NHL? Alex Kovalev.  
  • RJ Umberger is a fantastic playoff performer.  
Western Conference:
- Red Wings over Ducks in 5.
As a Wings fan, I'm not so worried about the Ducks even though they are pretty hot right now.  I am worried about Pronger putting a cheap shot on #5 or #13.  I also could fear a situation where Aaron Downey has to dress in this series.  I'm not sold on Jonas Hiller and in the end I still think this is the same undisciplined Ducks team that will blow it.  

-Canucks over Chicago in 6.
Chicago has looked better than I thought, they are close to contending.  However, Vancouver is in a nice situation here.  No one seems to be talking about them and they definitely have the experience and goaltending to win it.  They are a very good team.  

Eastern Conference:
- Boston over Carolina in 7.
Carolina runs out of gas here, but I'm not sure Boston is any better than a 2-round type team.  

-Pittsburgh over Washington in 7
Washington will get a boost from playing at home and coming back in that round one series.  I'm really starting to believe Pittsburgh's success depends upon their mental makeup... and it's only fair to question it.  

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