Saturday, April 18, 2009

Obligatory NBA Playoffs Post.

So I'm pretty sure the NBA playoffs start in something like 2 hours, I'm not really sure, is anybody?  Now, I'm sure the NBA's key demographic is more than anticipating this years playoffs, but allow me to preface the rest of what I write with this-- this is the worst season of NBA basketball I have witnessed in my entire life.  

I was going to expand on this quite a bit further, but I'll get bored, you'll get bored, and we'll just avoid it.  In summary, watching Lebron, D-Wade, or Kobe barrell into the lane during the 4th quarter, throw their body around with no regard while their teammates clear out the lane and stand idly around, is not an appealing style of basketball.  It's gotta be some pseduo-And 1 influence and in my holier than now opinion, is not incline with the true essence or spirit of the game.  

Oh how I yearn for the days of this:

Anyways, here is FRD's Worst Playoff Preview in History:  

Eastern Conference: 
Round 1

CLEV over DET in 6.  The Pistons have a little fight left in them to steal a couple of games, but soon we will be able to prove Joe Dumars has just been getting lucky for a couple of years, and the real credit for Pistons teams belongs to others.  

Celtics Over Bulls in 7.  I'm not sold we don't see KG again this playoff-season.  

Magic over 76ers in 5.  Jimmy Hayes will fail to notice.  

Heat over Hawks in 6.  You think the NBA is going to avoid a Lebron D-Wade matchup in the playoffs? C'mon.  

Round Two

Clev over Miami in 7- It goes 7.  That's right.  
Magic over Celtics in 6- The power of youth, or something like that.  

Conference Finals:
Magic over Cavs in 6-  Man in the league office going to be pissed.  Van Gundy is working his way into the all-time underrated coaches list.  

Western Conference:
Round One:

Lakers over Utah in 5- I like Utah, but it's not happening here.  

Denver over New Orleans in 5- Billups is the 3rd best point guard in the NBA.  Think about that.  

San Antonio over Dallas in 5-  I'm a Rick Carlisle guy, but probably not happening here.  

Portland over Houston in 7- I know he's not playing, but Tracy McGrady is approaching Peyton Manning levels of loserness.  

Round Two

Lakers over Portland in 7- The NBA going to work here for Kobe and Phil.  

Denver over San Antonio in 7- I can only name 4 active Spurs players.  

Conference Finals:  

Lakers over Denver in 5-  Did you know the weirdo who sits next to Jack Nicolson at Lakers games is actually the father of musician/reality loser/ douchebag extraordinaire, Cisco Alder?  

The Finals:  

Lakers over Magic in 6-  Mike Tyson won the heavyweight title after he served his sentence for rape, why not let Kobe?  

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