Wednesday, April 16, 2008

'Melo, DUI, and MMORPG's

All of this fuss about Carmelo Anthony getting preferential treatment, to me, holds no ground. Columnists, talking heads, and bloggers are all tearing apart 'Melo (whereas the blame should be pointed directly at the Denver Police Department) for his irresponsible behavior and lack of civic duty as the face of a franchise. Each of them says the same thing:

"How can he risk his career and life by driving under the influence"

- No arguments here. Anyone who gets behind the wheel takes this very risk no matter if you are a Nugget, Norseman, or ninth grade teacher

"Why doesn't he just hire a driver to drive him around?"

-Anyone who has ever drank with any regularity knows that you can accomplish any task, regardless or how sophomoric or stupid it is while drinking. Of course Carmelo's multi-million dollar contract and Nike shoe contract lend itself to the thinking that he could easily afford to have a driver on standby, but we are talking to a man who is engaged to someone who is best remembered for not letting the skanks on Flavor of Love throw shoes at her ( So how seriously can we take that?

"He is a NBA superstar (arguable, yet I'll digress) and his team is on the cusp of a playoff berth. How can he do this to his team? How can he do this to his city? And how can he do this to me?"

-Yes, Carmelo has resonisibility to his team. And in terms of responsibility, for that question, thats really all he has to account for. Considering that the Nuggets need to win (and Mav's loss) on the final regular season night to go from playing the Lakers (probably not winning) to the Hornets (could win) it's safe to say that having an offensive prescense like Carmelo would be in the positive department. Carmelo has as many ties to the city of Denver as a Deliotte consulant does to the city he is stationed in. He works there and thats it. He hasn't accomplished anything since arriving and the pairing with The Answer has been above average. and thats being kind. If the Baltimore Bullets still existed, he would have ties. Even in moderatley sized town of Syracuse, he would have ties. Atleast he chose to go there. He did not choose to go to Denver, it happened to him. And if you are the fan who feels like he owes it to you to be a stand up citizen and player, next time you see him just thank him. Thank him for entertaining you. Thank him for letting you in his world. Thank him for being the subject of ridicule (not in the DUI sense, he deserves that. In the basketball sense) And if you are a Syracuse fan who for some reason still feels a connection to a player you watched for 7 months, 5 years ago and now plays in a city 2500 miles away thank Carmelo for leading your team to a national championship. On second though, thank Hakin Warrick for blocking Kirk Hinrich's shot, because that baby was going in.

-I have alot of free time at work these days so I have been fiercly following my Yahoo! Fantasy Sports team. My basketball team was an auto draft so I feel no real connection to them. Miguel Cabrera is on my baseball team if that says anything, and I did a fantasy golf just for kicks. While I was looking on the message board for tips at the Masters (which was semi-serious, semi-wanting to see how seriously people took Yahoo! Fantasy Golf) I came across this link. Yes my friends, a MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role playing game) where you create a football player and he 'levels up' according to all kinds of different processes too nerdy to explain. And yes, I did create a player. His name is Ax Johnson, and he's a hard hitting free safety. I wish my name was Ax Johnson. I even got a message in regards to being on a team! Looks like on Monday I am going to be signed! Yea!!!!! God I'm such a hypocrite, I know I'll be looking at this website for my 'stats' daily and trying to lead the league in interceptions.

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