Sunday, April 20, 2008

I consider myself... the luckiest viewer.... on the face of the Earth.

As America turned the corner into the new millenium, ESPN treated the public to the most amazing sport-clip compilation video ever assembled. Titled "ESPN's Greatest Sports Moments of the Century", the video chronicles all the highs and lows of American sports for the healthier part of the last one hundred years. Every big game, every major gaffe, famous and infamous athletes; few details were overlooked. It is a video that is both exciting and bittersweet, a definite must see for any sports fan. The music choice (Aerosmith's "Dream On") is impeccable and the way they organize the clips in relation to the song will have you applauding in front of your computer screen. Here isa link to a youtube presentation of the video- .

I've watched this video at least 200 times and lately I've been thinking that a sequel needs to be put together. What is interesting, maybe shocking, is that you could compile a video of roughly the same length using moments in just the eight year span from 2000-2008. I'll start a list and people can feel free to add moments/figures if I fail to mention them. The list is in no particular order, only as I think of them:

-Barry Bonds
-Jose Canseco's book
-The Mitchell Report
-Lebron James
-The Patriots dynasty
-The NHL Lockout
-The death of Bill Wirtz and the subsequent resurgance of the Chicago Blackhawks (I know, a homer call, but as the hawks get better and fans reaquaint themselves with the team, this has all the ingredients of a major sports storyline.)
- Steve Bartman
- T.O.
-The Cinncinati Bengals
-The Pistons-Pacers melee
-Brett Favre's retirement
-Giants superbowl win 2008
-The Duke Lacrosse team trial
-LaDainlian Tomlinson
-Peyton Manning
-Sydney Crosby
-Alexander Ovechkin's goal where he was lying on his back sliding away from the net.
-Kobe Bryant's 80 point night
-The effect of 9/11 on Sports
-Pat Tillman
-Rocky's comeback from retirement ( just kidding)
- Marion Jones
-Michael Phelps
-Tiger Woods (Fuck me, I can't believe it took me this long to think of Tiger Woods.)

That's all I can think of right now, but I'm sure the list is far longer. Even with what is up now, a legitimate second sports moment video could be compiled. It already is in my head.


Dr. Gerald Porter said...

Haha, or how could I forget the XFL? The clip they could show is the inaugural kick off where a player had a career ending injury.

Coach Pops Chambers said...

Hmm always an interersting argument as to what would be from 2000-2008. Here is my question though, what events from 2000-2008 would be put in the original video? Meaning, in the last 8 years, what events\people have been transcendent enough to be on the original 'Images of Our Century Video'....

-You would have to have a reference to 9/11, probably a clip of the buildings and a show of W throwing out the first pitch in Shea
-Red Sox beating Yankees in ALCS and Red Sox winning 1st World Series
-David Tyree's catch
-Vinteteri's FG against the Rams (maybe)
-Bonds Breaking record\veiled reference to steriods
-Lebron James
-Pat Tillman
-Crosby\Ovechkin (Doubtful, but possible)

Just some thoughts off the top of my head